Installing WSO2 Identity Server 5.3.0 on Windows

1. Installing the required applications
1.1 . Ensure that your system meets the requirements as per below. Java Development Kit (JDK) is essential to run the product.
System requirements
Memory – 2 GB minimum
– 512 MB heap size.
Disk – 1 GB, excluding space allocated for log files and databases.
Oracle Java SE Development Kit (JDK) – JDK 7 or 8.

1.2. Ensure that the java PATH environment variable is set.

2. Installing the Identity Server
2.1 Download the latest version of the Identity Server from

2.2. Extract the archive file to a dedicated directory for the Identity Server

2.3. Set the CARBON_HOME environment variable by pointing it to the directory where
you extract WSO2 Identity Server into.

3. Running the Product On Windows
3.1. Open a command prompt: On Windows, choose Start -> Run, type cmd at the prompt, and press Enter.

3.2. Execute one of the following commands, where <IS_HOME> is the directory where you installed the product distribution: On Windows:
D:\wso2\wso2is-5.3.0/bin/wso2server.bat –run

4. Accessing the management console
4.1. Once the server has started, you can access the Management Console by opening a Web browser and typing in the management console’s URL. The URL is displayed towards the end of the server start script’s console and log. For example:

Hit the URL : https://localhost:9443/carbon

Sign in with admin/admin credentials.