Integrate KeyCloak with OpenDJ LDAP


  1. Login keycloak server in administrator mode.
  2. Select the realm Demo
  3. Click on User Federation tab.


  1. Select ldap from drop down list. You will redirected to Add user federation provider page.


  1. Fill the following data :


Edit Mode                  –          Select Writable

            Vendor                        –          Other

            Connection URL       –          ldap://<localhost>:1389

            Users DN                    –          dc=example,dc=com

            Bind DN                     –          cn=Directory Manager

            Bind Credential         –          Opendj Password


            Cliclk on Test connection.    

  1. Click on Save.
  1. Register new account to Demo realm.
  2. You will be able to see your created user in keycloak User List.


  1. You will also able to see your created user in OpenDJ.