ServiceNow connector deployment guide

Keycloak IAM Installation and Basic Config


  1. Download keycloak 3.4.3.Final server zip file from /downloads.html.


  1. Unzip the file and go to the bin/ directory.
  2. Run and hit http://localhost:8080/auth. It will open keycloak welcome page.


  1. Fill the data and click on create.
  2. After you create the initial admin account, you can log in to the Admin Console.

Click on Administration Console link or hit http://localhost:8080/auth/admin/.


  1. Login with the username and password you created on the Welcome page. The Keycloak Admin Console page opens.

  1. Creating a Realm and User in Keycloak.

7.1. Log in to the Keycloak Admin Console

7.2. In the top left corner dropdown menu that is titled Master, click Add Realm.

7.3. Create new realm from scratch so type demo for the realm name and click Create.

7.4. After creating the realm the main Admin Console page opens. The current realm is now set to demo. You can switch between managing the master realm and the realm you just created by clicking the top left corner dropdown menu.

  1. Creating a New User in Keycloak.

8.1. In the left menu bar click Users. The user list page opens.

8.2. On the right side of the empty user list, click Add User. Fill the user information and click save.

8.3. To define a temporary password for your new user. Click the Credentials tab. Type a new password and confirm it. Click Reset Password to reset the user password to the new one you specified.