ServiceNow connector deployment guide

ServiceNow LDAP Integration

ServiceNow LDAP Integration:

Step 1: Login using admin account and Search For LDAP in search filter left side of panel and Click on Create new Server.

Step 2:

  • Select Type of LDAP server as Active Directory
  • Give any server Name (eg. Company_name LDAP)
  • Give Your Server URL of Your Active Directory.
  • Click on Submit

Step 3:

-In Next screen it will ask you to enter Login Distinguish Name (DN) and Password ( LDAP service account credentials ).

– Starting search directory: is the path in where you are going to search users .

– Once done with all these fields click on test connection to check it is connecting successfully or not. (It will show message at top)


  • Once Connection is Successful the right click on top and save it.

Step 4:

Next Step is to set LDAP OU Definitions for Users and Groups:

For that scroll down on same screen you will see the section for LDAP OU Definitions having pre-define definitions for user and groups.

  • Click on Users
  • This below screen will be open in that RDN and Query field you have to keep it empty and only you have to give filter to isolate users here I am giving uid=* it will take all users from user id.

After that test connection for OU definition:

  • You can click on brows to see records:

All records which are present in AD are fetched here



Step 5:

After Setting LDAP OU Definitions next is Data Sources

  • In data sources we load our AD records in ldap table and transfer that records in particular Service now tables.

For this configuration scroll down on same OU definition screen:

Click on this generated Data Source then following screen will appear.

  • You have to give any name to Import set table name field in this table we are first going to load our AD records. ( eg. Import set table name = Mytable_ldap_import)it will automatically generate name by prefix “u_ Mytable_ldap_import”

  • Then by clicking test load 20 records you can test records are loading or not. You will get this success message and how much records are inserted or updated and error logs also.

  • Click on Return to data source to get back to our configurations on data sources. And click on load all records it will load all AD records in our ldap table which we have created (u_Mytable_ldap_import) we have create above.


  • You will get this import success message it means All the records from AD are loaded in our ldap table.

  • You can check those records are inserted or not in table . On top left side there is search filter put your table name (eg.u_ Mytable_ldap_import.list)


Step 6:

Next step is to create transform map to navigate that again navigate to data sources select our data source and there is section Transforms click on New

  • Transform Maps are for transferring data from Source table to destination table.
  • Here source table is our ldap table which we have created and stored records from AD and target table is ServiceNow table in which we want to store our data.



  • Fields we have to fill:
    • Name: give any name for you transform map.
    • Source table: is automatically selected.
    • Enforce mandatory: options like which fields you want to transfer All fields, only mapped. You can select as per requirement.
    • On right side there is field target table: here you have to select target table in which you are going to transfer records as we are transferring users then it must go in users table of ServiceNow so select sys_users as target table.


  • If you are selecting only mapped Fields option in Enforce Mandatory Fields the you have to map fields of source table with target table by clicking Mapping Assist.
  • You will see following screen left side source table fields and right side target table fields.
  • You have to just add fields from source table and target table from which to field data should be transfer.(eg. Here I am Mapping 3 fields as shown in following screenshot)
  • After mapping click on save.
  • You will be able to see those fields .


Step 7:

Next step is To transform Source table records in target table(ServiceNow users table). For that click on transform  link is available on table transform map screen.

  • After that following screen will appear. You have to just click on transform



-It Will Show success Message for transformation. It means all records are transferd from source table to targeted table. There is link transform history you can check whether it is successful with errors or not. And how many records are inserted, updated all status.

  • You can check in ServiceNow users table. Top left side in search filter search for users.
  • You can see 3 records which were available in AD are inserted here in user table of ServiceNow


Finally all Steps are done you have successfully imported all records from you AD to ServiceNow.

LDAP integration is done with ServiceNow.


ServiceNow connector deployment guide

Integrate KeyCloak with OpenDJ LDAP


  1. Login keycloak server in administrator mode.
  2. Select the realm Demo
  3. Click on User Federation tab.


  1. Select ldap from drop down list. You will redirected to Add user federation provider page.


  1. Fill the following data :


Edit Mode                  –          Select Writable

            Vendor                        –          Other

            Connection URL       –          ldap://<localhost>:1389

            Users DN                    –          dc=example,dc=com

            Bind DN                     –          cn=Directory Manager

            Bind Credential         –          Opendj Password


            Cliclk on Test connection.    

  1. Click on Save.
  1. Register new account to Demo realm.
  2. You will be able to see your created user in keycloak User List.


  1. You will also able to see your created user in OpenDJ.